Moon Shine Barn

Superb Value

Gorgeous Interior


Conveniently Located

What We Offer

The Moon Shine Barn is truly beautiful, inside and out. With decorated rafters, and festive Christmas lights strung atop them, the interior is an outstanding place for an event.

On top of this, the front and back porch areas are wonderful spots, often shaded, for your guests to enjoy themselves.

  • Concrete floors 
  • Full Kitchen
    • Fridge/Freezer
    • Microwave
    • Stove 
    • Oven

  • Wood burning furnace
  • Luggage cart from the Boise Depot (when it was a functional train station)

Whether you are located in Kuna, or North Boise, the Moon Shine Barn is not too far from you. Our location in Eagle, Idaho, just off State St. is perfect for people from all around western Idaho!

Also, our location gives us the luxury of very few neighbors anywhere in sight, which makes for very few curfew rules and regulations you must follow.

Venues that have kept original wood over a century old, and maintain their western, rustic feels, are hard to come by. However here at the Moon Shine Barn, we have all of that, and at a very inexpensive rate.

Contact us today to get pricing options, and more information on this wonderful location!