Why Rent The Moon Shine Barn?

The Moon Shine Barn is a family owned and operated venue, meaning we can provide you with a personalized experience. Here you are more than a date in a calendar, we build positive relationships with our customers.

We have many unique things available to you inside the venue, but all of them can be moved around at will. In addition to this, you have time to come decorate the space before your event any way you choose!

Moon Shine Barn

- Reed Breneman

​Satisfied customer

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Our Mission is Simple:
Match You with The Perfect, Inexpensive Venue 


We understand the stress that comes with planning weddings and events of all sorts, we are here to lessen that stress. When the Moon Shine Barn gets rented it is truly a Win-Win: a beautiful barn gets used, and you get access to it at a very low rate.

We Work Around Your Schedule

- Brittany Longhi

Satisfied Customer

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We will work non stop to make arrangements for any special situation that may arise. We want nothing more than to ensure that you have a phenomenal experience renting the Moon Shine Barn.

More Customizable 


We here at the Moon Shine Barn are a small scale operation, far different from the big name venues. This makes it easy for us to rent our property to you for far less than our competitors.

We have very flexible schedules, so we will work WITH you to set up visits and other time sensitive matters. If you are only available 10 PM on Mondays, we will make that work.

Booked for our wedding! And sooooo excited to work with the owners! So flexible and allows you to have your own take on a barn wedding with very manageable expectations!

Our Mission

The Moon Shine Barn, built in 1884, has only had minor structural renovations made in its life. So you get the perfect rustic, western themed event you are looking for.

Since we are so new to the venue renting industry, we are fighting to acquire the positive reputation we know we deserve. This results in you getting the ultimate experience, and the very best of us.

No One Rents For Less Than Us

An Ideal, Rustic, Western Feel.

More Personal Experience

Absolutely love this venue!!! Booked it for our wedding!!! So exciting!! If your looking for a beautiful rustic place for your wedding it's beautiful!


Every Event Is A Big Event